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Model 3000L & 4000L - Tree Spray System



GreenTech's favourite innovation is the fully adjustable tree crop sprayer for orchards.  Built tough to last long this spray system is available in a 3000L (800 US gallon) and 4000L (1100 US Gallon) tank size to allow for the large volumes that are sprayed in tree crop situations.  It comes standard with 10 spray heads (5 per side) but can be expanded up to 14 spray heads on a larger mast if required.

The best feature of this spray system however, is the mast.  Folded over the tank when not in use and hydraulically raised into position when spraying, the mast is also capable of extending on 'scissor action' arms to allow top and bottom points of the arms to be retracted or expanded in and out to suit the prevailing shape of the trees.  Further more, this can be done hydraulically while on the move!

The list of optional features on this spray system include a range of flotation tyres for low compaction, computer spray controllers, independent electronic shut-off valves at each head and an articulated three-point linkage hitch for greater turning capacity in tight areas.  Available to suit most any tree crop, please contact our sales department for more information or a detailed quote.

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