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WTK-Elektronik GmbH

Model 300 - Field-Operator



For tractors and self-operating mobile work machines, which work better and faster using an ISOBUS terminal for operation and information display.

Easy to use ISOBUS-Terminal (ISO 11783)

  • virtual terminal
  • Linux operating system
  • integrated tractor job controller function
  • optinal with task controller, file server, fiel guide, section control
  • Camera Connection

The field-operator 300 offers you several advantages:

  • It is an ISOBUS terminal, according to ISO 11783, for the operation, monitoring of mobile machines with a contrast and light strong, reflection free, no-glare TFT colour display in the 16:9 format.
  • The main key pad with night design is easy to operate for relaxed work even in the dark.
  • Task controller functions in the compatible XML-format according to ISO 11783.
  • Assignment data exchange and data storage via compact flash or USB stick.
  • Equipped with serial ports, e.g. for DGPS receiver, light bar, printer, optional wireless modem

Areas of application/Properties

  • This universal ISOBUS terminal is easy to operate – even single-handedly – since a selector key on the back of the device allows for a side change of the softkeys and, therefore, an optimal single handed operation.
  • The terminal supports precision farming applications in conjunction with the application of (D)GPS-systems via an NMEA 0183 or an NMEA 2000 interface.
  • A data transfer of process data between terminal and PC occurs by means of a compact flash or USB stick.
  • Optionally, data transfer even by GSM, UMTS or Bluetooth is possible.
  • Optional IP camera connection for process observation
  • Programme download function to update the operating programs
  • Optional: field guide for parallel and contour driving, section control for automatic section width switching
  • Task controller function with master data, assignments, grid data processing, process- and operating data -- protocol registration according to ISO11783 in the XML-format
  • Graphic display of field borders and machine position

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