Manual Squeeze Chute



Introducing the heaviest and quietest manual squeeze chute onthe market!  The head gate is controlled from the rear of the chute, placing the operator in the animal's comfort zone for catch and release operations. This innovative concept permits one person operation without inhibiting the flow of  cattle into the working area. The  Stampede Steel neck extenders permit “safe” and “stress free” neck injections, dehorning,  or any additional headwork that may be required. This chute also comes equipped with four neck and shoulder access doors. The lower doors on the squeeze body swing out to provide more access points to the animal with one quick and quiet motion. All of our squeezes have a parallel axis body with a range of motion from 9' to 32”, accommodating any size animal.  We have also incorporated our ratchet back up bar to make handling cattle in the chute safer and easier.

No cable... No chains...No hassle!

Weighs over 2000 lbs.
Manual Squeeze Item #5000 L/R
Dimensions: Manual Squeeze 124” overall length
86” high 31” inside width 68” inside height 105” inside length

  • Left or right controls
  • Body/Neck extension
  • Head Table
  • Double Dutch Doors

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