Cascade Corporation

Model 30G & 40G - Rotators


30G and 40G Rotators are designed to give your driver the best possible visibility while quickly inverting loads. Cascade rotators are widely used in food processing, agriculture, recycling, automotive manufacturing, and general manufacturing operations where bins or tote boxes are used for both dumping and general handling requirements.

  • Proven Rugged Construction- Cascade's gear drive box and ring gear design provides superior service life.
  • Center Bearing Seal- locks out contamination and brine for extended life in fish & brine applications.
  • Visibility- The G-Series Rotators provide superior visibility through the center, side, and over the top of the rotator.
  • Rotational Torque- High torque motor, ensures smooth, positive rotation of the load.
  • Forks- Rotators may be ordered with standard forks, custom forks or without forks.

  • 180° Rotation Stop Group- Used when stopping rotation at precisely 180° is desirable.
  • Customizable fork bars-Mowing for application specific fork spread.
  • Quick-change Lower Mounting Hooks- Allow the rotator to be removed or installed in a matter of minutes without tools. (Quick-change hydraulic couplers available separately)
  • Bin Retainer- Custom designed to clamp on top of bin to hold bin in place while rotating. Typically used when bin does not have fork pockets.
  • Special fork sizes and configurations available.
  • Side Stabilizers
  • Fork Side Restraints
  • Integrated Pressure Relief

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