- Model 30SA - 68SA - 35SA - Single Axle Utility Trailers



DV Trailers offers a wide array of utility trailers for purchase. Please keep in mind the following pieces of KEY information. When looking for a trailer, there are several items of information you need to gather, the first of those being how much weight will you be carrying. Trailers come in different weight ratings. The weight rating (GVWR), is the total amount, the trailer weight itself and maximum cargo.

GVWR - weight of trailer = payload capacity (what you can put in or on the trailer).

The second piece of information would be the size (cubic capacity) you will need to accommodate your load. A load should be evenly distributed, giving yourself 10-15 percent tongue weight, while the majority of the weight rests over the axles.

DV Trailers Utility Trailers - Landscape Trailers

  • Sizes range from 5x8 to 77'x14. All boast a 3500lb axle, 15' wheels, LED lighting, and a 1x2 square tube top rail.
  • Available options include a 4' ramp gate, spare tire, tie-downs, wheel chocks, and boxes.

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