Model 3110 - Row Crop Planters


Rigid. Rugged. Robust. Mounted. Clean uncluttered toolbars. And the only 3-point mounted planter in the field with contact drive and self-contained seed transmissions.

Standard Features

Rigid 7' x 7' x 1/4' Frame
Use category 2, 3N or 3 welded hitch. 7' x 7' x 3/8' toolbar/frame on 8R30 and 8R36/38.

Industrial-Grade Cylinders
Superior reliability over ag-grade cylinders used by competition. Tested and proven.

Category 3 Hitches
With plated pins and bushings.

Bolt-On Height Adjustable Wheel Modules
Change row spacings. Adjust toolbar height for flatland or different bed heights. Eliminate ground drive chains, reduce residue problems and avoid rocks/mud build-up. Optional front-mount conversion package for drive gauge wheels.

Clean, Uncluttered Toolbars
Plus, unmatched strength, durability and reliability.


Single-Fold/Two-Fold Markers

  • 16'-diameter solid blades. Notched available.* Tapered roller bearings. Adjustable pitch - 0-22º.
  • SINGLE FOLD markers on 6R30; low-profile TWO-FOLD on 6R36-40, 8R30 and 8R36-40. Double-acting cylinders w/hydraulic sequence valve and flow controls for single valve operation. Factory-installed.

*Notched blades available from your KINZE Dealer.

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