Model 312 - Bending Proof Tester



Industry-standard Bending Proof Tester for quality control testing of structural dimension lumber. Rigid mechanical design provides for accurate measurement over a full range of dimension lumber sizes and grades. Tests North American or metric size lumber. New Digital Force Measurement System. Multi-point E measurement. Simplified operation for combined E and proof load measurements

  • Measures bending modulus of elasticity (E) and ultimate bending strength of dimension lumber
  • Designed to measure bending strength and stiffness of the full range of dimension lumber sizes
  • Operator-selectable ranges are zero to 1,000 pounds or zero to 10,000 pounds (0-10 kN or 0-25 kN) (Metric readout is optional)
  • A four-point loading system applies a specifi ed load at 1/3- and 2/3-span locations which allows the bending moment and the extreme fi ber stress to essentially be constant between the inboard loading heads
  • E calculated from the defl ection and force measurements
  • Deflection of strong-back: less than 1% of test-piece defl ection, at worst case
  • Electronic load cell measures the total applied force
  • Peak track-and-hold circuit stores the maximum force reading, allowing the operator to stress a piece to failure without watching the digital readout during the test
  • Digital display indicates E for standard cross-sections at a predetermined defl ection and span
  • Lumber normally tested on-edge; fl atwise testing is optional
  • The back-load feature allows lumber to be loaded from the back
  • Results provide for direct comparison with the Model 7100 CLT and Model 7200 HCLT.
  • Model 312 system includes a Digital Force Measurement System, hand-operated hydraulic pump, and an aluminum test bar

The Model 312 Bending Proof Tester provides edgewise bending tests on dimension lumber in sizes from 2x3 to 2x12. Load is applied with a hand-pump hydraulic system and measured with an electronic load cell system which also measures the maximum load applied prior to failure of the specimen.

Software Microsoft Windows™ and Metriguard 312 User Interface Software.
PC Data System Desktop computer included.
Electronic Interface Unit Instrumentation and enclosure.
Load cell Electronic, 10,000 lb (45.5 kN), compression
Deflection sensor 0-1.18 in (0-30 mm) range
Units Imperial (lb, in & psi) and SI (N, mm & Pa)
Material Size Capacity
Width 2.5 to 11.25 in (64 to 286mm)
Thickness 1.2 to 2.0 in (30 to 51 mm)
Flatwise E 1.5 x 3.5 in (38 x 89 mm)
Setup Configurations
Spans L 52.50, 73.50, 90.42, 94.50, 115.50, 152.50, 185.00 in
Span-to-Depth ratio L/h 2 1 ( 2 x 3 ) , 2 1 ( 2 x 4 ) , 16.44(2X6X8), 21(2X5), 21(2X6), 21(2X8), 20(2X10), 16.44(2X12) [BOTH 2X10 & 2x12 are tested in the 185 in span]
Deflection of strong-back less than 1% of test-piece deflection, at worst case
Calibration test bar 1.5 in x 3 in x 10 ft (38.1 x 76.2 x 3050 mm) 6061-T5 aluminum (included)
Ring force gauge 0 – 2000 lb (0 - 8.89 kN) NIST-traceable cal standard. Included for calibration.
Electronic calibration A shunt calibration feature is proided for quick erification of load cell amplifier gain setting
Power requirements 115/230 ac 60 Hz (50 Hz) single phase. 2 amp.
Hydraulic pump Manually operated, single-stage
Fluid AW ISO 46
Shipping Dimensions (Unit is shipped in two packages.)
Length 16 ft (4880 mm)
Width 24 in (609 mm) base
Height 84 in (2134 mm)
Shipping weight 3000 lb (1361 kg)

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