Model 312HL - Herb & Lettuce System



Looking for increased NFT basil production? What about other herbs or lettuces? AmHydro’s 312HL Herb & Lettuce System offers everything you need for improved and sustained hydroponic growing. This simple package is capable of growing an astounding 36 heads of lettuce or basil bunches per week, which expedites your return on investment (ROI).

  • All components have been constructed or chosen to enhance their efficiency, energy usage, water usage, and longevity.
  • The GroClean NFT channels help conserve natural resources and reduce carbon dioxide emissions with their construction of FDA approved HDPE plastic.
  • Included subscription to AmHydro Pro™ Grower Support gives you premium access to our private documents and commercial support team. This means you've got the resources at your disposal to troubleshoot any problems that might arise.
  • The 312HL System allows you to acquire hands-on experience with hydroponics by actually growing in the system.
  • Take your produce to potential markets, put it in their hands and give them the taste test. In this way, they will know you're serious. This will give you a solid indication of how much they'll be able to buy from you so you will know how large an operation with which to begin.
  • As an herb/lettuce system, it is capable of growing 36 heads of lettuce or basil bunches per week.
  • If a large commercial system is purchased, we will credit the purchase of the 312HL System to your order.

  • The 312HL System measures 3-ft wide x 12-ft long x 3-ft tall and includes everything you need to start growing: 
  • Four (4) 12-ft NFT finishing channels (2-in x 4-in) w/holes on 7.75-in centers (72 plant sites)
  • One (1) 12-ft NFT nursery channels (2-in x 4-in) w/ holes on 2-in centers (72 nursery sites) 
  • All necessary plumbing, submersible pump, float valve and drain valve for recirculation of nutrients 
  • Venturi for maximum aeration of the nutrient solution 
  • ABS plastic 30 gallon reservoir with lid 
  • Sturdy galvanized table frame 
  • (5) Sheets of Oasis® Horticubes XL (810 cubes) 
  • Industrial grade conductivity meter 
  • pH control kit 
  • Book: Hydroponics Salad Crop Production
  • Complete setup and growing instructions

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