Kinze Manufacturing

Model 3140 Series - Mounted Planters



Innovative flex and transport. And the only planter in its class with spring-loaded contact drive tires, adjustable height wheel modules, self-contained seed rate transmissions and point row clutch option.

Three-Section Stack-Fold Toolbar

7' x 7' x 3/8' frame with 7' x 7' x 1/4' wings. Use category 3N or 3 welded hitch.

Industrial-Grade Cylinders

Superior reliability over ag-grade cylinders used by competition. Tested and proven.

Wing Flex

Perfect for rolling terrain and terraces. Wings flex 8° up or a total of 16° (8 degrees up/down) with optional wing down flex cylinder package.

Clean, Uncluttered Toolbar

Plus, a unique 3-point mounted stack fold system.

Adjustable Height Wheel Modules

Increases transport ease and stability using lift assist wheels.

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