Model 32 - Plant Monarch Habitat Garden

Our Monarch Habitat Gardens are specifically designed to provide milkweed as host plants for Monarch caterpillars, along with their preferred nectar-producing flowers that bloom throughout the growing season. Special attention has been given to late season flowers that serve as a critical food source for migrating adults as they prepare for their long journey to Mexico in the fall. Even a small garden can provide important habitat and nectar for these amazing butterflies, whose fate is presently of grave concern. You can help support the survival of this unique creature by planting Monarch habitat.

4 Butterflyweed
2 Smooth Aster
2 Lanceleaf Coreopsis
3 Pale Purple Coneflower
3 Rough Blazingstar
3 Meadow Blazingstar
2 Purple Prairie Clover
3 Showy Goldenrod
1 Hoary Vervain


  • 5 Prairie Dropseed
  • 4 Little Bluestem


  • 50 square ft
  • 5’ x 10’

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