Model 3384 and 3386 - Peanut Combine



Small diameter, spring tooth header reel makes for gentle vine pickup that reduces losses at the header. Hexagonal header roller for improved vine feed- retro fits available. Adjustable strippers provide efficient threshing with low LSK rates in a wide range of vine conditions. Separation screen in combination with adjustable air flow provides for efficient separation and reduces losses in various harvesting conditions. Double swivel gear box allows sharp turns which improves harvesting efficiency, and also eliminates troublesome CV drive lines. Large single wheels provide good flotation in soft/boggy  field conditions

  • Patented Double Swivel Gear 
  • Box Hitch For Smooth
  • Operation and Sharp Turning
  • Lift-Up Side Shields
  • Spring Loaded
  • Stays in place for easy access
  • for adjustment

Lower your LSK rates with the KMC Peanut Combine. When properly maintained and adjusted, the KMC Peanut Combine is capable of picking peanuts with an LSK rate from 0% to 2%, depending on conditions.

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