Model 35 Gallon - Single Row ATV Raspberry Sprayer



Our sprayers feature the On Target patented spray nozzle that uses an electrical charge to create a fine mist of uniform, electrostatic droplets. Since all droplets have the same charge, they repel each other, creating a fine spray mist less prone to runoff and coalescence. The opposite charges of the plant attract the particles to it, drawing the spray deep inside the plant's canopy.

  • SKU:35-3PT1RB4
  • Type:Single row three point sprayer for raspberry hoop houses
  • Tank:35G poly chemical tank
  • Acres per tank:2
  • Rinse Tank:Hose Bib connection
  • Boom:Single Row
  • Sprayer Manifolds:four spray manifolds
  • HP Required:20
  • Control Package:Teejet Electric
  • Air Source:Rotary Lobe
  • Pump and Agitation:Hypro belt driven centrifugal/Bypass Venturi
  • Filtration:35G poly chemical tank
  • Frame:Mild Steel, Powder coated
  • Dimensions:(L)78'x(W)32'x(H)107'
  • Weight:600 lbs.

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