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Model 350 - Fully Automated Steering System



System 350 brings state-of-the-art power to your agricultural operations. Featuring simple and flexible software, the X30 console provides a versatile work platform with features to improve farm management, increase efficiency, and enhance machine capabilities. Topcon's System 350 smoothly merges high-accuracy autosteering/positioning with variable rate/autosection control, detailed mapping/data logging, and versatile information management with an easy-to-use interface and highly-capable equipment.

X30 controllers include spraying, spreading, or planting, and feature innovative efficiency tools such as virtual switchbox, channel-based pressure control, and auto coverage to help ensure no gaps or overlap.

  • Variable rate control for up to 8 products/channels
  • Up to 32-channel autosection control with ISO interface for sprayers and planters
  • The ASC-10 provides 10-channel sprayer, planter, or spreader autosection control with liquid rate control for up to 8 products.

The X30 provides multiple input/output features for maximum data use. Client / Farm / Field / Job menu lets you save multiple fields and tasks for different farms, then create detailed reports for data tracking and multi-year analysis. Features Include:

  • Job reports exportable as convenient pdf files
  • Coverage logging, and exportable as-applied maps with flag points
  • Imports shape files & ISOXML prescription maps
  • Calculates covered and remaining areas
  • Auto Field Recognition for easy field identification and job loading
  • Virtual ISO terminal (VT) interfaces with common controllers and implement ECU's.

Provides a wealth of control and display options for simplicity and flexibility with feedback at a glance from multiple sensors throughout your machine. For easy navigation, the user never leaves the 'home page' - it's always in view.

  • Multi-touch capability allows drag-and-drop information windows or panning across screen views
  • Choose up to three mini-view windows with drag-and-drop positioning. Use mini-views to track multiple application or field information while in autosteer - or touch the screen to swap and view detailed control data while watching autosteer or field coverage in the mini-view.
  • Interaction keypads quickly show control functions over the home page for quick simple adjustment with 'expandable menus' for access to additional options.
  • Multipl user determined 'dashboard' readouts provide constant, convenient basic data.
  • Integrated LED lightbar for manual guidance.
  • A simple tap on the screen instantly takes you into full-screen, detailed displays of guidance, spraying, spreading or other operations. Lets you monitor rate control, steering, job progress and field information.
  • X30 user customizable options. Includes alarms/alerts, US, metric or Imperial units, map options, time and date, radar output, GPS output, and look ahead settings. The X30 provides 24 language operation.
  • Advanced X30 setup wizard provides simple icon based setup control. Intuitive step-by-step navigation guides you through setting up controllers, vehicles and implements. Use pre-configured profiles or build and store specialized profiles with sizes and dynamic options for your equipment.

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