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Model 355 XL - Gas Grain Dryers



Easy to install and relocate when necessary, OPICO Grain Dryers do not require vast expenditure on handling equipment and our Gas Grain Dryers can easily dry up to 168 tons per day automatically, with minimal supervision. Using diesel or gas and with 3 phase or PTO drive OPICO dryers recirulate the grain constantly to dry thoroughly and consistantly whilst imporving hectolitre weights and augmenting quality.

  1. Recirculating - Constant mixing for even drying.   
  2. Augers - Polishes the grain, improving sample.   
  3. Grain Cleaner - Removes weed seeds and broken grains improving hectolitre weight.   
  4. Grain is Constantly Moving - Airflow through crop is better decreasing drying time.   
  5. Wet or Dry - Can handle and dry the very wettest of grain.   
  6. Forced Drying and Cooling - YOU'RE in control, grain is ready to sell when YOU want.   
  7. Self Contained - Minimal additional handling equipment required.   
  8. Quiet - To reduce noise in sensitive areas.   
  9. Resale Value - Being portable OPICO Dryers retain a high resale value   
  10. Flexibility - Can be adapted to fit into most drying systems

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