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36` Pull-Behind Pine Cone Picker



Adding our Pull-Behind Almond Harvester to your equipment will help you maximize the time spent on harvesting, not to mention your nut yield.  Bag-A-Nut's Pull-Behind can be pulled behind an ATV, small tractor, or riding lawn mower.

Even if you use a commercial sweeper, the Bag-A-Nut can come behind and get the almonds that are left behind, around tree bases.  You may even avoid renting a commercial nut sweeper altogether by investing in your own fleet of Bag-A-Nut's. Either way, Bag-A-Nut will save money while maximizing nut picking.

For smaller jobs check out Bag-A-Nut's Stab-A-Nut, the 12' Classic Flip model, as well as the 18' Push.

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