3666 Leaf Wetness Sensor

The 3666 Leaf Wetness Sensor is used to measure leaf wetness with its grid-like, resistance-based sensor, which is ranging from 0 ( dry ) – 15 ( wet ). This sensor is a circuit board with interlacing gold-plated fingers. Condensation on the sensor lowers the resistance between the fingers, which is measured by a datalogger including HL20 or HL10 or DT12 datalogger series or other brand, etc. Gold Plated Sensor Grid: The sensor reads wetness by measuring the resistance on the grid. Accurate measurements require this surface be kept clean of all conductive matter ( leaves, grass, dirt, and salts ). Periodically wipe the sensor with distilled water to remove dust, pesticide residue, irrigation water salts, etc. Inspect the sensors frequently to make certain the sensors haven’t fallen from their mounts or that leaves or debris are not stuck to the sensor surface. Locate the sensor in a typical “micro-climate” away from the edge of an orchard, vineyard, or field.

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