Model 37 Series - Spading Machine


The principle features of the 37 series spading machines are their simplicity and solid construction. The spade blades are welded onto a curved spade arm. On each spadebank two arms are curved to the left and two are curved to the right. this produces a flat profile and increases spading speed. The shear bolt in the PTO-shaft gives sufficient protection against overloading. 

The narrower models are used in green houses, nurseries, vineyards and for small fruits and vegetables, whiel the wider models are used primarily for field vegetable cultivation and general agriculture. An imants spading machine can incorporate large amounts of orgainic material, such as crop residue, straw, compost or green manure. With regular use, both the aerobic quality of the soil and drainage is greatly improved withle fields may be prepared for planting in just one pass with use of the spader with power harrow.

The working maches are avaliable in various models. The lightweight model comes with a working width up to 180cm (71''). The heavier duty model has working width up to 290cm (114''). the spading machines can be fitted with normal spade arms or spade knives. Imants developed the spading knife in 1996, its advantage is that the machine no longer clogs up on sticky soils or unmoved cover crops. Almost all types can be fitted with a rotovator or power harrow as well. A seed drill or bed shaping device can also be attached on most models using an extra 3-point linkage, thus allowing the soil to be tilled and sown in a single pass

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