Model 750 - Hydraulic Squeeze Chute



The Model 750 is the first hydraulic chute designed so the chute sides close completely from top to bottom instead of the scissor-type action currently available. A “live” bottom is naturally built into the closing action of the chute. The operator controls how hard cattle hit the headgate by limiting the chute width, significantly reducing the risk of bruising. This is a great chute for feedlots, sale-barns, cow-calf operations and veterinarians.

  • 3-gauge wire flooring, removable brisket bar, reversible headsweep, palpation cage, “headgate” style tailgate, Tru-Test weighing systems and portable or stationary models. Neck access doors available.
  • 750 hydraulic power unit options - (8hp gas and 5hp 220 volt electric)


  • Length: Inside 7’7” • Outside 8’5” • Portable - add 16”
  • Width: Inside opens to 30” and closes to 10” • Outside 4’7”
  • Overhead Clearance Required: 7’4”
  • Inside Height: 6’
  • Weight: Stationary 2,360 lbs. • Portable 2,775 lbs. (includes headgate and pump)


  • Length: Inside: 10’11” • Outside: 11’8”
  • Door Opening: 31”
  • Weight: Add 332 lbs.

  1. “Complete Parallel Closing Action” on squeeze sides, headgate and tailgate.
  2. Chute width opens to 30' and closes down to 10”.
  3. Headgate and tailgate open wide top-to-bottom to prevent cattle hesitation, stumbling or jumping into or out of the chute.
  4. Neck bars and optional headsweep offer neck access for vaccinating.
  5. Pour-on applied easily without opening branding doors.
  6. Footpanels drop down or remove completely for foot work.
  7. Adjustable pressure relief pre-set to apply no more than 450 psi to cattle.
  8. Six large, removable branding doors open horizontally for complete access to cattle.
  9. Chute sides enclosed 43” high restricts cattle's vision and prevents cattle from getting a leg out of the chute.
  10. Both chute sides swing open.
  11. Chute shown with optional 180° control arm, portable scale frame, and open bar branding door.

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