Model 375 & 375W - Squeeze Chute



Our new economical squeeze chute outperforms our competitors' best chute. Designed with a few less features than the Model 450 but with all the stoutness, ease of use and access to the animal that you expect from a For-Most chute. If you are looking for real value without sacrificing safety and durability in a squeeze chute, the Model 375 offers the best value for your investment dollar.

  1. Your choice of headgates.
  2. Pick the convenience of the A-25 Self-Catch Headgate or the versatility of the manual 30 Headgate or 30T Headgate with optional neck bars & Headsweep.
  3. Three drop down branding doors on each side provide easy, total access and maximum control.
  4. Quickly apply pour-on over the chute side without opening a branding door.
  5. Plenty of neck access allows for proper vaccinating techniques to ensure quality beef program guidelines are followed.
  6. Vertical drop-down tailgate that locks in both up and down position is standard.
  7. Extra high foot panels (31' from ground) drop down for footwork or remove completely for nursing calves.
  8. Rump bar with ratchet mechanism to walk balky calves into the headgate. Prevents cattle from backing up when released.
  9. Optional bolt-on palpation cage can be added any time. Cage extends chute 3' and features arched entry with wide doors that swing out or in and will lock to block off the alley way. (Same cage as 450)
  10. Add removable fender wheel assemblies and removable tongue any time to make the 375 portable. The unique For-Most towing system is the fastest, most reliable system on the market. Two axle settings to maximize towing balance.
  11. Optional bolt-on swivel jack bracket available for those who want a jack to raise tongue for easy vehicle hook up.
  12. Heavy duty, cleated, diamond plate floor will provide many years of dependable service.
  13. Easy-to-pull squeeze with positive latch. Squeezes down to 12' to hold small calves.

Scales are easily added to the 375 Chute. Simply install Tru-Test HD 1010 loadbars with an easy-to-bolt-on mounting kit and you will have reliable, accurate weights for all your cattle.

Make informed decisions so you can maximize your operation's profitability.


Length: Inside 7' • Outside 7'6'
Outside Width: 50'
Inside Chute Height: 5'7' 
Overhead Clearance Required: 8'
Weight: Stationary: 980 lbs. • Portable: 1,200 lbs.


Length: Inside 10' • Outside 10'6'
Door Opening: 31'
Weight: Add 198 lbs.

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