- Model 3N-4010HDA - Air Drills



Use of the 10HD Series Opener has been expanded to include the 3N-4010HDA No-Till Air Implement. This implement utilizes a floating tongue and 12-degrees of wing flex up and down to follow contours and negotiate uneven terrain.The heart of this implement is the parallel linkage 10HD opener with over 10' (25.4cm) of vertical travel, 15' (38.1m) 4mm disk blades, and heat-treated blade separators to provide an accurate seed furrow. The Clear-Shot® Planter Seed Tube and T-handle depth wheels make sure the seed is planted at a consistent depth for even emergence. This versatile opener has up to 500 pounds (226.8kg) of down force and may be used with or without unit-mount coulters. Opener options include unit-mount or frame-mount coulters, choice of press wheels, Keeton Seed Firmers®, and two different scraper options.

Dimpled towers randomize the seed in the air flow and the transition cone at the top of the tower gently changes the seeds’ direction, providing even seed flow to all rows.

Team this implement with the ADC2350 Pull-Behind Cart and you have one highly productive seeding system.

Provides superior terrain following because the unit covers the terrain independently of the tongue.

The implement is carried on six (6) 18 x 22.5 tires, providing increased accuracy and reduced field compaction.

The 3N-4010HDA provides an innovative folding design that tucks nicely behind the tractor and is only slightly wider than the outside duals on most tractors.

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