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Model 4 Tonne - Horse Muck Trailer


Designed as a front loading trailer, the front head board folds down over the drawbar, the weight is taken by two tension springs so raising and lowering the ramp requires little effort. The ramp is clad in non-slip alloy plate. Front loading ramp enables the trailer to be reversed into a corner out of the way. To empty the trailer a single piece rear door is hinged sideways and folds back onto the side of the trailer, this prevents the door sticking in the muck heap when tipped. Hydraulic brakes and a hand brake are standard. Options include wider tyres and lights.

  • Floor is 5mm thick
  • chequer plate
  • Sides are 3mm plate in one piece (no joins )
  • Top chassis is 120x80 box section
  • Axle is 60x 60mm section
  • Axle track is 1700mm
  • Tyres are 12ply rating
  • Option of wider wheels and canopy.

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