Model 40-Series - Grain Bin


Whether it is for food, feed, or fuel, we need to move grain more efficiently than ever. GSI’s new Z-Tek Roof System, with its large flat top and higher peak loads, supports larger material handling equipment, allowing more grain to move into storage faster than ever before. The design of GSI’s new stiffener profile increases strength, allowing you to go taller with your grain storage system and have more flexibility in design.

Superior Protection
With rising commodity prices, it is critical to protect this high value inventory and optimize its condition. Flashing-free roof overlaps, increased snow load capacities, and polyethylene sealing washers all provide superior protection of your grain from the elements.

A Complete Family of Accessories
Taking care of your grain takes an entire system, and GSI offers a complete family of grain bin accessories that make working in and around your storage system an easy and safe experience.

The Evolution of Bin Roof Design
GSI’s 40-Series™ line of grain storage bins feature the revolutionary Z-Tek™ Roof System. The Z-Tek roof is designed to increase load capacity and allow for larger fill equipment. Working as a team, the precision engineered Z-Tek Roof System incorporates z-shaped rafters and purlins, clips, peak ring, flat top, and roof panel for unmatched strength and protection.

Z-Shaped Design
The Z-Tek Roof System features a z-shaped design, which maximizes strength by minimizing rotational torsion. Z-Shaped rafters and purlins accomplish more with less.


All purlins are designed as compression purlins for even distribution of the roof load. The Z-Tek Roof System delivers an increase in peak and snow load capacities as well as a simplified design for faster installation. GSI purlins are manufactured using the latest roll form technology for a precise fit.

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