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Model 400 Series - Compact Weeled Loader

The newest AVANT model, the 420 has a very important role in Avant  loader program. It is a machine that the customers have been asking for: a compact, economical multi purpose loader with diesel engine that has enough power to tackle the jobs all year round. Alltough auxiliary hydraulics oil flow is lower than the ones in bigger machines, it is still sufficient for multitude of jobs. For example the 1200 mm lawn mower, rotary hoes and backhoe 210 work well with 400 series machines. Hydraulic oil cooler is standard on Avant 400 series – this quarantees efficient oil cooling in situations where auxiliary hydraulics are used with full capacity for a longer period of time

Thanks to the articulated design Avant 400 series machines are very versatile tools. They are perfect machines for instance: 

- On farms where they benefit from the wide attachment range developed for farming.
- Demanding Do-It-Yourself work
- Smaller scale landscaping

It is very easy to learn to drive an articulated Avant. This means the machine can be operated by several persons after a basic training

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