- Model 4213 / 4233 - Primary Tillage Tool



Eliminate Soil Compaction While Managing Crop Residue. Soil compaction is a thief; robbing you of yields by denying your crop of nutrients and moisture. The 4200 Series from Sunflower is the answer. This coulter chisel can completely fracture hardpans and eliminate soil compaction to a depth of 12“. Equip the heavy chisel standards with twisted points and together with the large diameter coulters spaced every 7 1/2' the crop residue is sized and incorporated into the soil for rapid decomposition and nutrient recovery.

Available in working widths from 8’ 9” to 28’ 9” there’s a 4200 Series coulter chisel to match virtually every tractor.

To get the field finish to satisfy your program, chose from several finishing attachments available for the SF4200 Series coulter chisel plows.


Constructed of high strength 4 x 6 x 3/8 -inch steel tube these frames have the strength and the length to meet the draft demand of tough tillage and the ability to clear heavy crop residues.


The tongue pulls completely through the frame. The attachment point of the tongue to the frame is actually a conjunction of two heavy frame tubes (2” x 6” x 3/8”) and the tongue creating a common pull from the tractor drawbar completely through the length of the frame. This strong design is combined with the two tongue side supports spreading the draft load throughout the frame.
Our confidence in this design to eliminate frame stress is backed up by a three year warranty.


The choice of single or double lip clevis adjustable hitch is available to allow front to rear leveling of the entire machine. The Hitches are available with the cast lug hitch as shown or a heavy double lip hitch. The vertical adjustment height is in one inch increments and allows a vertical adjustment range of 11 inches (279.4 mm)


4200 Series features two different shank assemblies on 15 inch shank spacing. Chose either Auto-Reset shanks with adjustable point load or shear bolt trip protection.

The Auto-Reset shank (shown in A) has two point load pressures, 1200 or 1400 pounds for varying field conditions. The Shear-Bolt protected shank (shown in B) is protected mechanically by a 9/16” diameter Grade 5 shear bolt set at a 1400 pound point load. Both shanks are on-edge shank with 30+ inches of under frame clearance and 50 degree point angle.

Shovels and Points

There are three options for tillage points. The twisted one piece shovels that are 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) thick and come 3 and 4 inch (76.2 and 101.6 mm) wide with left and right twist and are reversible. Or the 1 inch thick by 2 inch wide heavy duty reversible straight points.

3 Bar Coil Tine Harrows

The coil tines level the soil and evenly distributes crop residue. Easily adjusted down pressure and tine angle adjustments. The coil tines are 5/8 inches in diameter and 30 inches long.
They’re spaced 12 inches on a common bar producing an effective 4 inch overall tine spacing.

Rear Chopper Reels

The optional 16 inch diameter chopper reels are designed with 15 inch long blade sections which are offset one to the next to reduce vibration and provide maximum leveling and residue management.

Rolling Treaders

The Sunflower rolling treader attachment has adjustable down pressure to fine tune the implement to the reside and soil types. The treader effectively levels the soil and reduces the soil aggregate size. (not advised for stony conditions)

Five Row Spike Drag

The five row spike drag attachment with 11 x 3/4 inch spikes on 1 3/4 inch centers is a simple and effective leveling attachment. The spike bars connected with reversible adjustable links which enable the harrow to be rigid and aggressive or flexible to conform to very irregular terrain.

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