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Model 4233 - Performing Fall Tillage



Large Acreage Farms Need To Cover More Acres When Performing Fall Tillage.Don't take a chance of not getting over your ground in the fall after harvest. With today's short windows due to an increase in acres farmed and unfavorable weather conditions, there are times when you are hard pressed to complete all of your fall tillage. This means possibly leaving it until spring and taking a chance of delayed planting of next year's crop. The 4233 Coulter Chisel from Sunflower is the answer for today's larger farmers with higher horsepower tractors.

  • Features the same heavy duty construction as the 4213, but in a three-section design
  • Spring cushioned coulter gangs feature 7 1/2' blade spacing and heavy trunnion-type bearings
  • Computer engineered shank placement
  • Hydraulically adjusted coulter gangs
  • C-Flex™ bearing standards absorb coulter gang shock, prolonging bearing and frame life
  • All welded 4' x 6' x 3/8' frame with special formed gussets in high stress areas
  • Single point depth control
  • 17 through 23 shank models
  • Folds to a narrow 14' 6' transport width
  • Walking tandems in all locations
  • Optional Rigid Shear-Bolt or Auto-Reset shanks
  • Standard 12 ply 11L tires in all locations and greasable 6 and 8-bolt hubs protected by triple lip seals
  • Maintenance-free lift system utilizes UHMW sleeves (No daily greasing)
  • 21' 3' to 28' 9' of cutting width
  • Finishing attachments available
  • Three Year Limited Warranty

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