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Model 435-485 Hp - Scraper


Versatile scraper tractors have been designed to enhance profitability by outworking the competition. Using high quality components, Versatile scraper tractors focus on power, durability and reliability - because downtime is not an option. Engineered to be heavy duty, Versatile scraper tractors feature Cummins engines and industry proven transmissions. Comfortable for long working days, the Versatile 435SS and 485SS scraper tractors are designed to pull more than just pans, and are a valuable tool for any job site.


Versatile tractors have been powered by Cummins engines for more than 40 years and today Cummins is the exclusive engine supplier across the entire line of products. Versatile engineers work closely with Cummins engineers to ensure the seamless integration of the engine with the tractor control systems.

Cummins QSX15
The 15-liter six-cylinder Cummins engine is turbo charged and aftercooled for clean-burning fuel efficiency. The high-pressure injection system with electronic engine control quickly responds to load conditions and throttle adjustments, with a 35% torque rise at 1400 rpm and a 7% power bulge at 1800 rpm to meet the rigors demands of the job site. The large 15-liter engine gives you the most displacement in its horsepower class - guaranteeing you have power when you need it.

Bigger Radiator, Better Cooling
The cooling system on Versatile scraper tractors uses a large grille and radiator to provide better air flow. The larger surface area reduces the air velocity required for engine cooling, which results in more efficient fan horsepower consumption.


Versatile scraper tractors use industry proven 16-speed powershift transmissions.

Powershift transmission
An industry proven powershift transmission with 16 forward speeds and four reverse speeds, with eight gears in the heart of the critical working range. Single lever control provides clutchless shifting from forward to neutral to reverse for all speeds. Powershift gear selection features are designed for simple gear selection, smooth operation and on-the-job convenience.

Auto shift
Engine and ground speed consistency is very important for maximizing the efficiency of your equipment. Auto-Shift is included on all Versatile scraper tractors to maintain ground velocity or engine speed for peak horse power and torque.

On the job
Versatile scraper tractors now have road speeds of up to 25 mph so moving equipment to the next job site takes less time.


The frames on Versatile scraper tractors are among the heaviest in the industry, designed to manage horsepower and torque without the risk of frame damage.

Frame construction
The frame is manufactured from thick high-grade steel plate to ensure structural integrity even under extreme conditions. The main bearing at the articulation point is oversized to enhance reliability. The drawbar pull point is immediately behind the articulation point which provides maximum pulling power when making tight turns.

Oscillation and Articulation
The flexibility provided by the subframe and drag link assembly permits up to 15° of oscillation on each side (30° total) as the tractor moves over uneven terrain. Large 3.5' (89 mm) steering cylinders articulate the tractor smoothly and quickly. A maximum articulation angle of 42° means a tight turnaround radius of less than 16' (4.9 m).

Fuel capacity and weight distribution
Two fuel tanks provide a total capacity of 350 U.S. gallons (1325 L). The two fuel tanks are connected with a crossover tube for convenient refueling on either side of the tractor. The tanks are located near the center of the tractor to maintain the front-to-rear weight distribution. As the fuel level drops, the front-to-rear weight ratio remains the same so weight distribution is not affected, regardless of fuel level.

Outboard Planetary Axles
All models feature a large, reliable heavy-duty planetary final drive to provide long service with heavily ballasted tractors and big implements. Large bearings support the planetary hubs on the axle housings. They are built with large axle tubes and planetaries capable of standing up to heavy weights and capable of handling increased bending loads associated with wide dual or triple wheel options.

Outboard planetary axles deliver all available horsepower through a large, precision machined floating sun gear. The planetary hubs are suspended on large diameter bearings mounted directly to the axle tubes. The load is supported by the axle housing assembly and not by the drive train components. All Versatile scraper tractors feature reliable final drives that deliver horsepower where it counts; at the drawbar.

The planetary axles remain on the tractor during routine maintenance, limiting downtime. Daily inspections are easy with a quick visual check of the axle oil level indicators. The gears can also be reversed to extend the wear life.

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