Model 437D - Knuckleboom Loaders



With two variable-displacement piston pumps designed to deliver 'best-in-class' multi-functioning, the 437D with load-sensing hydraulics offers significant reduction in engine speed, noise levels, and fuel consumption. A dedicated swing circuit gives you continuous power for more productive delimbing and loading, while John Deere's 6068T turbocharged diesel has the high torque you need. And a large 90-gallon tank means more productivity per fill, with quick, deck-level access to service points for faster daily maintenance and more time on the job.

Key Features

  • Unmatched fuel efficiency
  • Cab gives maximized visibility and comfort
  • Mobile hydraulics and circle saw options
  • Load-sensing hydraulic pumps


  • The 6068T, 6-cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine provides all the power you need to keep loading, day after day.


  • These heavy-duty machines give you powerful performance and unmatched fuel efficiency — no matter what forest conditions you're working in.
  • The D-Series models boast fast boom and swing speeds, as well as streamlined hydraulics. A dedicated swing circuit gives you continuous power for more productive delimbing and loading.
  • A dedicated swing circuit gives you continuous power for more productive delimbing and loading.

Cab and Monitor

  • The strategically designed cab, with an optional sun shade above the rear window, gives you the utmost visibility, comfort, and the features you need for maximized operator efficiency, whether you're working the instrumentation, reaching for your cooler, or adjusting the air conditioner.
  • Keep your work area clearly in sight through an extended glass panel for improved left-hand side visibility, adjustable work lights, a low-level air duct for improved defrost, and positive pressure within the cab to help keep dust out. An optional rear shade screen helps maximize console visibility as well.
  • The larger door opening, a door with greater clearance, and the relocated opening latch make getting in and out of this cab a cinch. Once inside, you can simply pull the full-width closing bar from your seat.
  • The narrow console is securely mounted to the side wall and features a pilot-enable switch. Improved rocker switches and dual 12-volt power points round out the improvements.
  • Located above and in front of the operator, the standard display monitor keeps tabs of machine operation (fuel economy, etc.) and provides engine diagnostic information (fuel, oil, and coolant status).


  • The load-sensing hydraulic system on the 437D delivers power on demand, reducing fuel consumption and parts wear. The hydraulic tank oil-level gauge is conveniently located on the new in-cab monitor.


  • Strong swing-bearing parts and a heavy-duty swing-bearing arrangement minimize wear and tear.
  • Application-specific boom design ensures greater reliability.
  • The combination of load-sensing hydraulics for reduced fuel consumption, and a large fuel tank, keeps your loader running longer between fill-ups.
  • Reliable John Deere cylinders for hoist, jib, and all stabilizers.
  • A beefed up (as in more steel) pinion and deeper, taller gear teeth reduce the torque load on each tooth, delivering performance and reliability. There’s also an upsized swing-drive motor.
  • John Deere quality control has been integrated into every step of the D-Series Loader manufacturing and assembly process.

Maintenance/Low Daily Operating Costs

  • You may save thousands a year in fuel costs alone by running the 437D instead of its main competitors. (Actual savings depend on the price of fuel.)
  • An improved front grate latch and quick, deck-level access to service points, including easy air conditioner filter access and grease fittings adjacent to the cab doorway, speed daily maintenance for more time on the job.
  • The boom cylinder-hose bulkhead is located at the boom base, creating shorter hoses that are easier to change.
  • The 437D load-sense system features two-pump variable displacement with dedicated swing pump for significant reduction in fuel consumption.
  • Auto-idle saves fuel by automatically reducing the engine speed to idle if no hydraulic functions are being used.
  • The lower platform design gives you easy accessibility to the bearing bolts and hydraulic manifold.
  • You'll find the hydraulic tank oil-level gauge under the hood for easier access.
  • The D-Series Loaders feature superior hydraulic manifold mounting, retention, and hydraulic hose access from both the upper and lower frame.
  • A clean and level lower deck offers a great work platform for service.
  • Hinged panel doors allow quick access to all daily engine service points.
  • All daily service checkpoints are easily accessible.
  • The Tier 2 comes with a new, easily accessible coolant-expansion tank.
  • Rest assured that your purpose-built John Deere Forestry equipment is supported by the most extensive dealer network in the industry and unsurpassed parts availability. That's our promise.

Other Features and Options

  • Boost your numbers with new hydraulic options that allow you to power a circle saw or self-propelled trailer. Or both. Circle-saw hydraulics enable you to run a circle-saw attachment and quickly process numerous stems to length. And mobile hydraulics provide the power required for self-propelled trailers. The operator can quickly reposition or relocate the trailer without taking a skidder or truck out of service to do the job. For the versatility and mobility you need to maximize uptime and productivity.

Emission Rating : Tier 2
Engine Make / Engine Model : John Deere / 6068 HTJ56
Net Power, kW (hp) @ Rated rpm : 119 (159) @
Gross Power, kW (hp) : not published
Displacement, L (cu in) : 6.8 (415)
Calculated % Torque Rise : 25
Net Peak Torque, N-m (lb-ft) : 615 (454)

Volts : 12
Alternator amps : 95

Pump Type : Axial Piston
Total Pump Flow, L/m (gpm) : 470 (124)
Normal Relief Pressure, kPa (psi) : 24994 (3625)

Swing motor (type) : ---
Swing Speed, rpm : 10.6
Degrees of continuous swing : 360

Maximum Reach, mm (ft) : 9.75 (32 ft )
Lift Capacity @ Ground Level, lbs (kg) : ---
10' (3048 mm) radius : not published
15' (4572 mm) radius : not published
20' (6096 mm) radius : not published
25' (7620 mm) radius : not published
30' (9144 mm) radius : not published
Lift Cap.@ 5' (1524 mm)Elevation, lbs (kg) : ---
10' (3048 mm) radius : 12129 (26740)
15' (4572 mm) radius : 9176 (20230)
20' (6096 mm) radius : 6784 (14956)
25' (7620 mm) radius : 6022 (13276)
30' (9144 mm) radius : 4226 (9317)
Lift Cap.@10' (3048 mm)Elevation, lbs (kg) : ---
10' (3048 mm) radius : 11839 (26101)
15' (4572 mm) radius : 8226 (18135)
20' (6096 mm) radius : 6367 (14037)
25' (7620 mm) radius : 5872 (12946)
30' (9144 mm) radius : 4813 (10611)

Height to Top of Cab, mm (in) : 4112 (13 ft 6 in)
Width Center to Center of Stabilizer Pads, mm (ft) : 5.31 (17 ft 5 in)
Transport Length, m (ft) : not published
Upperstructure Width, mm (ft) : 2496 (8 ft 2 in)
Tail Swing Radius, mm (ft) : 2564 (8 ft 5 in)

Fuel Tank, L (gal) : 340 (90)
Hydraulic Reservoir, L (gal) : 379 (100)

SAE Operating Weight, kg (lb) : 14959 (32980)
Metric Ton Weight, kg (lb) : 14.959 (32.98)

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