Model 450 & 450W - Squeeze Chute



The Model 450 Squeeze Chute is the top of the For-Most chute line. Arguably the best manual squeeze chute on the market today. Every detail has been engineered to offer tremendous access to essential areas of any sized critter. This chute is easy to operate and provides safety to both the cowboy and the critter. Many options are available to customize this chute to fit your needs and your budget. There is not a better manual squeeze chute on the market today. Stout enough to handle any size operation for many, many years.

  1. Squeezes from both sides to keep the animal centered in the chute and headgate for calmer processing.
  2. Six large branding doors swing horizontally or completely remove for access to the animal.
  3. Controls are easily reversible and stay out of the operator's way. No handles or pipes protrude from the chute side that can injure the operator.
  4. Quickly apply pour-on over the chute side without opening a branding door.
  5. Plenty of neck access allows for proper vaccinating techniques to insure quality beef program guidelines are followed.
  6. Sides are enclosed to a height of 42' to cut off animal's side vision. This also prevents wilder cattle from getting their legs outside of the chute, something louver systems can't offer.
  7. Vertical drop-down tailgate locks in both the up and down position is standard. Option to upgrade to easy-to-use split tailgate (shown in photo).
  8. Your choice of headgates. Pick the convenience of the A-25 Self-Catch headgate or the versatility of the manual 30 or 30T headgate with optional neck bars and Headsweep.
  9. Foot panels drop down or remove completely for footwork or nursing. Panels extend 27' high from the ground.
  10. Optional bolt-on palpation cage can be added any time. Cage extends chute 3' and features arched entry with wide doors that swing out or in and will lock to block off the alley way (not intended as a substitute for tailgate).
  11. Heavy duty, cleated, diamond plate floor will provide many years of dependable service. Extend the life of your chute inexpensively by simply bolting on a new floor should the original ever wear out.
  12. Rump bar with ratchet mechanism to walk balky calves into the headgate. Prevents cattle from backing up into the chute when released from headgate.

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