Model 4500B - Subcompact Half Yard Loader


This subcompact half-yard loader has super agile 45 degree articulated steering and 22 degree rear axle oscilation that allows it do tough jobs in tight places without tire or floor damage caused by skid-steer loaders. This ultra-low clearance machine is ideal for jobs with close quarters. Despite it's minimalist design the 4500B is built just as rugged as the rest of its big brothers so it can handle harsh conditions and abusive environments like a champ.

  • 0.5 Yard Bucket
  • 1400 lbs SAE Operating Capacity
  • 80.1 in. Clearance Height
  • 79 in. Turning Radius
  • 2-Speed Hydraulic/Mechanical Drivetrain
  • 60 HP Gas or Diesel engine*

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