- Model 450 - Self-Propelled Drainage Plow



An excellent balance of power and agility, the 440 HP BRON 450 is able to plow at a maximum depth of 7'6'. The BRON 450 always gets the job done no matter the soil conditions. BRON 450 makes no exceptions with improved visibility, plowing accuracy and enhanced operator comfort.


BRON tractors is available with a CAT diesel engine. The infinitely variable speed hydrostatic drive system (controlled by Plus+1) efficiently supplies power to the tracks for optimal pulling performance in all conditions. The components of the drivetrain are positioned within the frame to provide easy service access, maximum cooling capabilities, and ideal machine balance.


BRON's proven Tri-Core Cooling package is designed to efficiently handle all of the system heat exchange requirements with one variable speed and reversing fan. The fan speed is fully variable based on cooling demand.


Compressed Air Lines

Located at both the front and rear of the BRON 450 are standard compressed air lines making maintenance and clean up easier.


Under Hood Maintenance Light

The BRON 450 has improved lighting with lamps inside the engine compartment for better visibility when servicing the engine and hydraulics.


Chrome Exhaust

Adds that finishing detail to your machine that always looks good.


Standard Features:


Each track pivots independently allowing for continuous surface contact, resulting in maximum traction.


Hydraulic cylinders keep the entire tractor and plow level for perfect grading while travelling across sloped surfaces.

Optional Features:


24' (12' per side) lateral movement avoids travelling over previously plowed soil (optional).


Electronic Display

All operating systems are controlled electronically with an easy-to-use digital interface. The new electronic system improves performance by synchronizing the drive components with the engine.

Improved Sightlines

Operator has clear visuals looking out the front and sides with full height glass doors and a rear sliding window that opens.

Ergonomic Controls

Plow controls are mounted on both sides of the swivel high-back chair. They pivot with the chair as you navigate where you are going while monitoring the installation behind you.

Rops | Fops

Cab is reinforced with an interior steel frame which meets safety requirements for protection from rollovers and falling objects.

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