HSI Systems/Union Iron Works

- Model 45 - Electric Distributor



Programmable controller allows integration with other computer controlled systems. Dial in the bin you want and start moving material.  It's that simple with HSI's Electronic Programmable Controller. The 'in position' light illuminates when the turnspout is positioned above the desired outlet.

Other features include bi-directional spout rotation which significantly reduces travel time in large distributors. The DC motor is controlled by a solid state DC drive which eliminates repair and replacement of contacts and coils. Proximity switches in the distributor eliminate the problems associated with the maintenance of mechanical limit switches.

Note: The electric distributor control panel requires 110 VAC supply - no other power is required. The standard distributor is furnished with dust-tight proximity switches, junction boxes and control panel.  The TENV motor is also standard. Class II Group G Drives are available.

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