Model 45 - Foot Telescopic Bin Piler

The H.F Stewart Bin Piler is a standard product that is competitively priced. The bin piler is designed to be low enough to unload through a loading dock door. Adding a H.F Stewart Bin Piler to your farming operation will give you the ability to pile potatoes safely and efficiently.

Standard Features:

  • 30-inch feeder with hydraulic lift
  • 30-inch boom with 2 ply agg belt
  • Speed belt
  • 45-foot swing
  • 20-foot pile
  • Self propelled
  • Variable speed feeder
  • Hydraulic pole lift

Optional Features:

  • Corded remote
  • Wireless remote
  • Frequency drive feeder
  • Frequency drive boom
  • Chevron belt
  • Hand Rail, Floor Grading, Step
  • Outrigger with Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Conveyor Hookup

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