Seed Hawk Inc.

Model 45 - Toolbar



The 45 Series Toolbar combines the efficiency and precision of Sectional Control® Technology and industry leading precision opener assemblies-Constructed with V* -inch thick high tensile steel, the frame features a symmetrical design to reduce flexing, improve strength and make seed placement more precise. The 45 Toolbar has a narrow 15-foot, 11-inch folded width and low profile, so it goes where wider transport units can't.

    Standard Equipment Standard Tires
    • Front Main Frame Dual 19.0/45-17
    • Front Main Wing Castors Dual 11L 15
    • Front Outer Wing Castors Single 11L 15
    • Rear Main Wing Tires Dual 11L 15
    • Rear Outer Wing Tires Dual 11L 15
    • Rear Axle Tires 500/45
    • Semi-pneumatic Packer Tires
      • Clevis or 4x4 Rear Hitch
      Tire Options
      • Rear Axle Tires 30.5L 32
      Additional Toolbar Specifications

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