Model 47 - 4-Axle Unibody Hopper


The launch of the trailer industry's first 'unibody' hopper* trailer returns Titan to its roots in rural Ontario. Titan Trailers originated on the Kloepfer family farm in Harley, where Ontario farmers were introduced to the idea of steel hopper trailers for hauling corn, beans and other bulk farm goods. Built to meet the combined on-road and off-road conditions required by most agricultural fleets, those original grain trailers led to Titan's long-standing commitment to customer-driven innovation and durability. The new generation of unibody hopper trailers is the result of a research & development program initiated by Titan's own R&D Department.

'We didn't set out to create a unibody trailer,' says Kloepfer. 'Our goal was to explore how to take the most possible weight out of a grain trailer without compromising durability. When we combined the modular hopper structure with our THIN WALL aluminum body, we realized we had a unibody design.' With weight savings totalling more than 2600 lbs. additional payload, Titan innovation is paying off again for agricultural haulers in Ontario, Quebec and New York.


  • moving maximum weights of grains and bulk farm inputs to and from elevators and processing plants
  • stresses of off-road delivery and pick-up sites demand high resilience under heavy loading
  • mixed farm loads and back hauls require multiple hoppers
  • long hauls on major highways through Ontario, Quebec and New York require fuel efficiency and stable tracking


  • up to 2600 lbs. (1.2 ton) more payload than previous models
  • lightweight unibody design built with original THINWALL horizontal extruded body panels
  • Paramax SPIF compliant lift axle with 10' (254 mm) lift height over off-road obstacles
  • low sidewall height for visibility into hoppers and easy top-loading

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