Model 47SX Series - Spading Machine



The more and more efficient use of agricultural machinery, to get less fuel consumption and lower labor costs, is a hot issue for the modern farmer and contractor. The choice between a rotary spader and a plough is not always easy. This is why Imants BV asked for a trial at applied plant research, partner of the Wageningen University. In this trial they compared a 4 furrow plough with an Imants 3 meter rotary spader. The conclusion of the trial is that spading saves 22% fuel in comparison with the plough

The Imants rotary spader is a power take off (pto) driven machine. This mode of action results in a cultivator which literally powers itself through the soil. The advantage of this system is de absolute minimal risk of wheel slip or smearing under wet soil conditions. The ability to mix and blend, is a huge advantage when it comes to incorporating stubble and previous crop residues, as well as large quantities of compost, slurry, manure and other organic materials. This guarantees an ideal environment for fast consistent germination, maximum plant establishment and optimum uptake of nutrients. When fitted with a rear mounted seed drill, the rotary spader is transformed into a true one-pass cultivator/seeder suitable for tractors rated at approximately 140 hp. This enables the machine to perform primary and secondary cultivation and seed sowing in one efficient operation. This leads to a capacity of 1,5 ha per hour with a very low fuel consumption.

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