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- Model 4LZ-4.0Z - Combine Harvester


Leading the era of longitudinal axial flow, faster than horizontal axial flow and double-roller harvesters, strong adaptability, great performance and high screening degree. Rotary type extra large grain tank, ease to maintain and low maintenance cost. Advanced Diesel Engine turbocharger technology, 85hp, low fuel consumption (1.3Kg / acre), fast recovery costs 60 moving speed gearbox, 32cc large displacement HST, durable, smoothly steering and moving . Unique flip grass anti-blocking device, ease to clear the blocking grass

No. Item Unit Specification
Weight (KG) 3000
Feeding Capacity  kg/s 4.0 
Dimension Length (mm) 5100
Width (mm) 2600
Height (mm) 2450
Engine Model / 498BT/BZT/L,4C6-88M22
Rated Power (kw/hp) 68/88,55/75(Alternative)
Engine type / Water cooled,4-Cylinder,DI-Injection
Vertical Diesel,Turbocharged Engine
Rated Rotating Speed (r/min) 2400
Full Tank Capacity L 70
Driving system  Rubber Track (mm) 400(450/500)*90*48
Gearshift Type / Hydraulic+HST(3F,3R)
Type of Brake / By foot 
 Steering (mm) Clutch and Brake
Min grounded 
(mm) 280
Cutting Header  Pickup Reel Type  Eccentric tooth (Off-center)
Diameter(mm) 900
Nos 5
Type of Header Auger / Telescopic Screw Conveying
Type of Blade  / V Type/ Left and Right 
 Height Adjustment / Hydraulics
Cutting Bar Length  (mm) 2000
Thresher Threshing Type / Spike Tooth Axial flow
 Threshing Cylinder Size Diameter*Length(mm) 620*1700
Rethresher / Blade Rotation
Concave sieve / Grid*4
Vibrating sieve / Adjustable Sieve/Meshing 
Sieve/Hole Sieve(Optional)
Fan  Type  Swirl
Diameter(mm) 405
Nos 4

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