Chery Heavy Industry Co Ltd

Model 4LZ-3A - Wheat Harvester


Mature technology,strong power and high efficiency. One Machine Multiple Purposes. High efficiency. Automated, User-friendly, safe and Reliable. Equipped with GPS navigation system (optional) and alarm device for monitoring the evolving speeds of the axial flow drum, the re-thresher and the elevator. It provides a high degree of automation to allow the machine to operate at its best working conditions. User-friendly instrument equipped with additional sound alarm features for water temperature oil pressure and oil level. Using new disc brake, providing a more reliable braking function. Brand new radiator dust proof cover with high efficiency, providing easy usage and maintenance. Brand new luxurious driver's cabin with lower temperature, reduced noise and lower vibration. Equipped with built-in air conditioner and luxurious seats, providing a comfortable driving and ride based on ergonomic principles.

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