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Model 4LZ-3 - Self-Propelled Grain Combine


4LZ-3 Self-propelled grain combine is a new type combining and optimizing different leading patented technology of wheat combines. It is mainly used for harvesting wheat, and can also be used for harvesting rice and corn. It has advanced design, reliable performance, and great flexibility for field operation and long-distance transfer. Unique tangent flow and axial flow threshing and cleaning separation system, and widened header idler make the feeding more smooth, cleaning much cleaner, working speed quicker and working efficiency higher. 2.75-Meter rigid header is optional and can be chosen upon request. 4-Row straight header can be adjusted, so that working time is prolonged, utilization is raised, and operating cost is lowered. Augmented heat radiator can prevent water temperature from overheating, reduce cleaning times, and extend engine life.

  • New type driving cab is adopted. It is compact and decent with optimized operation system, more comfortable and easier driving, and new decoration attractive to eyes.
  • Patented technology is adopted for cleaning and picking parts, so as to obviously improve cleaning and picking efficiency and quicken working speed. Header’s screw tube vanes are lengthened, so that grain picking and transferring process is more uniform and reliable. Header’s screw vane is equipped additionally with serration plate to prevent unsmooth feeding of grains during fast operation, so that working efficiency is improved.
  • Open-type protection hood and hidden rear ladder makes repair, oiling and maintenance more convenient. Increased oil tank extends working period and improves working efficiency.

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