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Model 4W6 - Sprayer



The award winning 4W6 sprayer and spreader has proven itself with true versatility and an innovative design. The 4W6 has the power, deluxe suspension, interchangeable spray system as well as the floatation and traction - offering more possibilities and adaptions.

  • The 4W6 suspension is designed with a center structure and 20 degree oscillation plate, while the chassis rides on an independent hydra-pneumatic suspension system offering automatic load leveling and balance.
  • Three driving wheel options; Tundra tire, row crop and quad track system with 12” tracks and 40” ground clearance to manage any field condition.
  • Liquid and dry spray system configurations are easily interchangeable saving valuable field time.

The 4W6 is powered by a 6-cylinder Cummins diesel engine 173 horse power delivered through a 4-speed hydrostatic system with four independent motors offering fulltime 4-wheel drive. The deluxe suspension comes standard with automatic load leveling and balancing using our unique placement of articulation to allow easy front turns and to protect booms from unnecessary movement.

The versatile machine can be equipment with a complete quad track system for floating over soft ground, or it can be fitted with Tundra tires for extreme field conditions, or radials for row crop clearance.

  • Engine: Cummins 6-cylinder, 173 HP
  • Cab: Pressurized cabin with sound insulation | Charcoal air filtration system | Climate control (A/C, heat, defrost)
  • Steering: Oscillating frame | Independent hydra-pneumatic suspension | Automatic load leveling
  • Hydraulic: 4-speed Hydrostatic, Full-time 4-wheel drive
  • Clearance: Ground clearance 30' or 40' w/ tracks | Turning radius 15' | Transportation clearance under 12'

Spray Systems:

  • A variety of Raven precision components available
  • Quick attach booms: 60’ 70’ or 80’ • 600 gallon stainless liquid tank (interchangeable w/dry box)
  • 2 or 3 ton dual spinner dry box (interchangeable w/tank)
  • Multifunction joystick
  • Tank rise system
  • Boom prime system

Tire Options:

  • Tundra tire and wheels (66 x 44 x 25)
  • Row crop 320/90 R42 radials
  • Quad track system 12” wide, 40” ground clearance

Other Options:

  • Durafoam – foaming system, 10 or 20 gallon capacity
  • Venturi chemical mixer
  • Air suspension seat
  • Duel spinner dry-box, 2 or 3 ton
  • Stainless steel cab

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