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Model 4YZ-3 Series - Self-Propelled Corn Harvester


European technology is introduced and improved to manufacture corn header. New type stem drawing roller and striping device is adopted. Chain wheel is processed by striking and forging to make it anti-abrasive, reliable, mature, economical and with long service life. Corn headers adopt specialized glass fiber protecting hood, which is corrosion-resistant, with low noise and non-deforming. Double motor driving is adopted, power output is harmonious and strong. Specially developed chassis is proved durable after years of use. Machine structure is reasonable and compact, turning is convenient and flexible when operating in field, suitable for operating in small field plots. Large granary silo of 2.5m3 effectively reduces machine ancillary time and improves total working efficiency.

  • Mid crusher adopts self-grinding sharp blades with reasonable power transmission to achieve ideal result of crushing and returning straws to fields. Straight or curved blades can be chosen.
  • Matured and specialized automobile clutch is adopted, torque transmission is reliable and durable. Collar shift technology is used for agile operation and comfortable driving.
  • Working efficiency is increased several times than backpack or other type of corn harvester, thus profitability is significantly raised with quick investment return.

Main specifications as follows:

  • 4YZ-3 Silage corn harvester is attached with corn straw silage recycling device. This machine is mainly suitable for the corn land with huge demand for corn straws. During the operation, harvesting of corns and silage recycling of corn straw can be done at the same time, which can satisfy multi-purpose requirements of users. In case corn straw recycling is not needed, only to close the feeding entry, then straw crushing and returning to field can be realized. The attachment of silage recycling device is easy and convenient without changing any components.
  • 125HP Engine is equipped and double motor power transmission is adopted, power output is harmonious and strong.
  • Peeling-off device is optional and can be chosen upon requirement.

4YZ-3B  model is in the base of the function of 4YZ-3,add the peeling off device.

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