4YZ-3A Self-propelled Corn Combine Harvester

4YZ-3A Maize Harvester Machine Introduction 1. Adopt advanced technology, with the richest experience, our company become one of the leaders in this line. 2. Add the angle of the chain, it is lower the break off rate of corn straw,improved the rate of clean 3. Adopt D3.5 walking transmission, bigger clutch friction plate, so add the torque of transfer. 4. Add primary heater unit in motor, suit to worked in around lower temperature; Add the insulation in supercharger to prevent fire in the condition of high temperature. 5. The chopper, add overrun clutch in gear box, it can extend the service life of belt. 6. Mid crusher adopts self-grinding sharp blades with reasonable power transmission to achieve ideal result of crushing and returning straws to fields.

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