4YZ-3B Corn Combine Harvester

4YZ-3B self-propelled corn harvester combines corn picking, husking, husk chopping, straw returning and corncob collecting into one unit. With small turning radius, the harvester is well suited to narrow road and small patches corn harvesting. The machine can harvest 3 rows at the same time. Small invest and quick return. Advantages of 4YZ-3B Corn Harvester 1. Short body length, small turning radius, flexible turning, high work efficiency. 2. Adopt turbocharged engine, high power and low fuel consumption. 4YZ_3B_Corn_Harvester_Header 3. Front mounted straw returning system avoids tires rolling the straw, good straw chopping effect. 4. Corn husker adopts 16 rolls with unique guide flow device, high husking efficiency, fast harvesting speed, good husk effect. 5. Equipped with corn husk chopping system, which can chop the husk into small pieces after corn husking for returning to field. 6. Adopt corn harvester special used drive axle, stable and reliable performance, durable in use. 7.

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