4YZP-2 Type Corn Combine Harvester

4YZP-2 type corn harvester is able to snap, peel, chop straw at one time. The corn harvester can work in narrow road and small patches. With 2 rows working at the same time, it takes small investment and gain quick return. Features of 4YZP-2 Type Corn Harvester 1.Using the advanced technology to solve a variety of spacing adaptability; 2.Using the most sophisticated snapping plate snapping means less grain loss, adaptable; 3.Using new peeling machine front, branches peeling and anti-clogging can get high efficiency; 4.The shortest and lightest full-featured dual-row self-propelled machine; 5.Double rod, slider lift mechanism to increase the stability and the height of the cutting table; 6.hydraulic steering makes flexible operation comfort; 7.the main gear lever steering wheel on the right, hanging files easy and Comfortable. 8. Just small investment can create fast returns and large potential market.

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