Model 500 SERIES - Mulchers



Whether you are clearing a site for further development, blazing or maintaining a trail or taming an overgrown fence row, Brush Fire 500 Series has an appetite for clearing the way.The heart of the Brush Fire system is the design of the rotor. Rows and rows of brush destroying teeth placed in Dual Staggered Spirals. Each tooth is carbide tipped and bolt on replaceable for easy servicing even in the field. The number and placement of these cutting teeth provides uncompromising mulching results of not only brush and trees but grass, vegetation and the occasional stone. Rows of teeth are mounted on staggered spiral 3/4 inch steel blades delivering a fine mulch.

Hardened Holder
The carbon hardened tooth holders can take what they dish out. Designed to deliver brush destroying power without flinching under fire. These holders combined with the V-Notch Carbide teeth deliver a certain path to destruction for any brush standing in their way. When other holders are giving in, the 500 series push on till the battle is won.

The immense forces and impacts of mulching try to bend and twist the teeth, ending their tour of duty early. Our V-Notch teeth and Hardened holders won't let that happen. Held firmly in place and able to absorb impacts from multiple directions, the V-Notch keeps the teeth chewing up the toughest brush.

Planer and Ripper Teeth
The BrushFire is available with two options for carbide tipped teeth. The planer style tooth provides the most efficient cutting by smoothly chipping away at the brush. The aggressive carbide ripper tooth is perfect for areas plagued by rocks and debris.

Brush Pusher Bar

The Brush Pusher Bar gives the brush fair warning of what is coming and pushes brush and trees away from the operator.

Adjustable Skid Shoes

These two position skid shoes allow you to adjust the cutting height for optimal clearing performance.


Mounting Options (Excavator)

Weld any existing mount to the BAUMALIGHT flat plate, providing countless options, value and economy.

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