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Model 8050 - Towed Harvester



The Towed 8050 is equipped with a very flexible shaking system controlled by the Easy Smart system.

  • Working speed of up to 7 km/h
  • Total bin capacity up to 3,000 L
  • Functions well in dense vegetation
  • High yield
  • Unrivalled quality
  • Optimal collection around posts
  • Protection of foliage (no shearing)
Easy to handle
  • Auto-guidance in the rows
  • All controls are in the cab
  • Easy Smart system
  • Work on side slope of up to 32.5%
  • Suitable for all vineyards
  • Minimum maintenance with easy access to the zones to be cleaned
  • All settings can be carried out from the cabin using EASY SMART with 10 different configurations
  • Efficient self-diagnostics helps the After Sales Service department and eases maintenance
  • Optimised for driving on the road
  • Bin emptying at 3 meters
  • Easy headland turning with large offset angle
  • “Auto-torque” servo motor
  • 50% cheaper than a self-propelled harvesting machine
Easy to operate

All settings are within reach on the Multifunction joystick and control panel. Self-diagnostics and After Sales  ervice menus.
Easy Smart

Flexible shaking and clean collection around stakes. 3 instant adjustment settings from the cab (toe-in, frequency,  nd amplitude). 10 settings can be memorised.

Auto torque system

Drives the harvesting machine uphill and brakes automatically when going downhill. This is made possible by the continuous synchronisation of the speed of the machine with that of the tractor, controlled by the drawbar traction force.

Narrow and easy to handle

Harvest with a width of inter-rows of only 1.40m.

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