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Model 501 Series - Top-Dressing and Automated Systems


Dose Range: 2.5g - 78g* (Now with 250 adjustable dose settings). Hand-Held (HH): Top-Dressing Applicator with upto 9.5kg/21lb capacity. Automated Industrial (AI): Applicator for all automated production setups.

  • Most Controlled and Slow Release Fertilizers (CRFs/SRFs)
  • Some Pesticides
  • Other Dry Free Flowing Granular Materials - with predominant size range of 2-4mm in diameter.

It's Fast.

Getting the job done faster, saving time and making huge ongoing cost savings. Allows for a very short payback period. Check out the Savings Calculator to prove it to yourself!

Electronically Controlled Dosage

Accurate Dosing is easily adjustable. Allows user to give each type of plant exactly what it needs - not one standard dose - giving better growth results. Minimizes wastage and can return savings on material costs.

Flexible Storage Tubes in a Choice of Sizes

Compact and light weight design makes complicated jobs easy to handle. Flexible storage tube allows for maximum reach and versatility for all-sized users.

Easy Point-and-Press Trigger

Light Pressure Touch Electronic trigger makes operation easy with semi-automatic and automatic firing for fast and comfortable repetitive application. There are no mechanical levers to operate, making the work less tiresome and faster than other methods.

Shot Count Monitoring

We liken this feature to the odometer and tripmeter that you would find in your car. It allows you to manage resources by tracking job progress and estimating job time.

Robust Construction

With high impact resistant casings and stainless steel parts designed for a long reliable life.

Non-Damaging of Coated Granules

Patent Pending design lets the granule material work the way it was intended to work.

Non-Jamming, Automatic Obstruction Recovery

Allows for continuous use without hold-ups, letting you get on with the job.

Ready to go out of the box.

Includes all accessories; A powerful rechargeable battery and recharger. A Storage Tube wall bracket, a range of delivery tube attachments and a large funnel for easy refilling.

Support and Servicing

Comprehensive User Manual with online and telephone support. Back to base servicing and additional parts shipped Worldwide.


Backed by a 2 Year Warranty World Wide.

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