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Model 521XR - Pull Behind Mowers



The Model 521XR is a five-deck version of the Model 721XR that revolutionized rotary mowing over a decade ago. The 521XR offers a competitively priced option for mowing applications that are best suited to use an eight foot wide mowing deck. The 521XR can be used with a lighter weight, lower horsepower tractor than the 721XR and is perfect for golf course roughs that need a narrower cutting width to mower in tight areas around trees and other obstacles. The Model 521XR offers a superior cut to self-contained mowers that cost over $25,000 more to purchase. This rugged mower uses the same drives and deck construction as the 721XR which means that it will never be pushed by the toughest cutting requirements.

A Lower Cost 96” Version of the Articulator That Started the Revolution.

  • Tractor Requirements: Minimum 30 hp (22.37 kW)
  • Standard Category 1
  • Three-point hitch
  • Cutting Width: 96” (243.8 cm)
  • Deck Configuration: Five 21” (533.4 mm) fully articulating
  • Deck Height Range: 1” to 4 3/4” (25.4 mm x 120.65 mm)
  • Deck Construction: 3/16' (.48cm) steel plate with replaceable spindle housings
  • Overall Weight: 982 lbs (445.4 kg)

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