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Model 525nm Green - Led Light Bar



525nm Green - This efficient LED spectrum is part of our Supplemental spectrum portfolio.  The fixture delivers very high PAR levels and is assembled with 525nm Green LEDs. Our light bars are available in multiple sizes from 24” to 72”, and they are available with 5 different beam angles to help you maximize radiation capture on the plants.  By minimizing the amount of light on the floor, this maximizes your growth rate and your ROI.  The light bars are also IP66 waterproof rated, and they are fully dimmable to allow you to achieve the amount of PAR your plants need at each stage of their lifecycle (dimmer sold separately).  Each fixture comes with the power supply and everything you need to immediately use the light over your plants.

Each LED light bar is Built-to-Order in the USA with the highest quality materials, including top-bin LEDs from Osram.  By selling direct to our customers, we can offer prices substantially cheaper than any of our competitors.  

Recommended for:  Growers and Researchers who need 525nm Green light to supplement their existing lighting system.

Typical Applications:  Vertical Farming / Multi-Layered Farming, Growth Chambers, Intra-Canopy Lighting, Supplemental Lighting (Vertical and Under-Canopy Lighting), Tissue Culture Labs and Research Projects.

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