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Model 5361 - Super B - Filling Machines



The KASE Super B is the latest state of the art machine when it comes to filling flats or large containers, quietly and precisely with little excess soil being recycled back in to the soil supply. To begin with, it has been computer designed from the ground up, not to match up with other machines on the market, but designed with all the heavy duty features in mind to do the very best job in filling. It is similar to the popular Kase B-Line, except a much heavier duty and with features automate filling of larger containers at a higher rate per hour.

It has a uni-body design, beginning with the formed cold roll steel base, incline soil drag and the welded steel upper hopper body which is all one unit. It is designed with the opening at the hopper end to fill with potting media in various ways. The low hopper opening is supplied with 2' x 6' wood panels, which can be removed or added to achieve the desired height. The hopper holds a generous 2.25-Cubic Yards of media.

An adjustable slide gate is provided to control the amount of soil conveyed up to be discharged. The soil is dispensed from the top drag evenly to the container below with an iris valve which, can be adjusted to match the width of the container. Once this is set, you can adjust the chain speed to fine tune the soil flow. This even flow is what gives the grower even compaction into the container. The drag chain has polyethylene paddles to provide a long life to the machine and make it the quietest on the market. Rails on the pot track belt can be adjusted from one end with ease, therefore changing the size of containers is a breeze with this machine.

  • Easy fill hopper design
  • Variable speed to match your production requirements
  • Recovers and recycles excess potting media
  • Designed for growers with a need for high volume production (up to 1,800 flats per hour)

  • Length: 12'-0'
  • Width: 8'-0'
  • Height: 67 1/4' or 69 1/2' with casters
  • Hopper Size: 51' X 67 3/4'
  • Production Capacity: Flats up to 20' wide, Containers up to 12' tall
  • Standard Equipment: Vibrator, Motorized, Pneumatic Flat & Pot Cleaner, Power Tray Discharge
  • Electrical: Single Phase 230 Volt, 20 Amp
  • Optional: Casters, Swivel & Rigid

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