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Model 53805 - Frost Detector



Tool for the control of frost. Once the temperature reaches the predetermined level of danger , the control unit sends alarm messages up to 8 phone numbers.

The controller unit consists of a central unit housed in a waterproof box, the temperature sensor is protected from direct light of the sun, battery and GSM module. In the case of very remote locationswhere it is not possible to power the unit with the power grid you can charge the battery with a solar panel.

The installation and operation are very simple: once the temperature reaches the predetermined level of danger, the control unit sends SMS alarm messages on the phone of the person (you can program up to 8 telephone numbers).

At any time you can send a message to the control unit which will provide current temperature and theminimum and maximum values of the day.

  1. Central unit in watertight box
  2. Sensor for temperature and humidity in housing protected from direct sunlight
  3. Solar Panel
  4. Support Post (optional)

  • Scale: -20 to +60 ° C
  • Dual Band Modem Siemens TC35
  • Power supply: 220 or solar panel
  • Programmable temperature alarm

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