Model 5400-810 - Tractor Driven Silage Bagger


Winlin was developed and designed for Scandinavian farming. The feed is tipped onto the feed table with a front loader or tractor bucket. The table’s speed can be regulated to match the moisture and consistency of the feed, ensuring an even, smooth and airtight bag. The unique rotor pushes the feed both up and out, packing the feed into the patented tunnel. The feed is packed in the tunnel, not in the plastic as with other machines. During the packing process, the tractor and bagger are pushed forward and the density of the pack is regulated by mechanical brakes on the machine. Two brake cables, attached to a net at the back on the bag, run alongside the bag to assist in compression of the feed 8, 9 and 10 foot exchangeable tunnels are available for the Winlin 5400-810

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